Spirit BJJ of Ozone Park, Queens Welcomes You!

Hello, I am Sop Huh, owner and head instructor of Spirit BJJ, a mixed martial arts school conveniently located in Ozone Park, NY. Our martial arts school offers you and your family a safe, fun and respectful environment to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do and Kickboxing. My 30+ years of experience as a martial arts instructor has taught me that learning how to defend yourself and your family in dangerous, real life situations improves your self confidence and can be a very uplifting experience. All this while getting into shape and burning calories. Come in today and start your FREE trial lessons!

Queens' Best After School Children's Program!

Spirit BJJ after school children's program provides a wonderfully safe and supportive learning experience for your child. Our Tae Kwon Do instruction teaches not only the moves that go into self defense, but also the values of respect and discipline that go with them. After your child attends our classes for just a short time, you will notice a positive change in their behavior and attitude. This change naturally carries over into the rest of your child's life, having a positive impact on their school work and home life. In martial arts we sometimes refer to this as spiritual growth. Spirit BJJ!

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